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We’re always asking: How do we build stronger, more effective communications between payers, providers and patients?

Our secret is to build clearer, more concise communications using the power of data. It’s how we help you build trust. Improve outcomes. And yes, save money.

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Integrated Member Communications for Large Western BCBS plan

Optimizing member communications to improve speed to market and branding while reducing cost and stress on internal IT resources. A…

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Created end-to-end communication system for large Ohio Valley plan

Outsourcing legacy internal processes to deliver faster, more accurate and more effective communications and accelerate move to electronic payments. As…

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Accountability and Compliance for Midwestern Medicare Advantage Plan

Creating stronger partnership to build accountability and compliance into Medicare Advantage communications and payment processes. As a Medicare Advantage plan,…

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RedCard helped us find unexpected ways to save money and improve the service we offer to our members and our provider network.

RedCard’s single platform and unique technologies for episodic communication and provider epayment brought our company from the early 2000’s to 2017 in just a few months. Our success is based on innovation and flexibility, and RedCard is successful by being innovative and flexible. It really is a good match.

Clearer EOBs have improved member satisfaction, faster electronic payments have increase provider satisfaction, and an improved internal audit process has improved our internal satisfaction – all thanks to RedCard.

RedCard reduced our postage spend, but they also made our communications look better and work better for us. This was a win-win for all.