What We DoBuild understanding and trust with better communications – everywhere.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ve been thinking about your communications chain.

For years, all of us at RedCard have been working to improve the way health plans and TPAs connect with members and providers. We’ve explored how to make the mountain of data more meaningful. How to make every piece of communication more useful. And how to make payments move faster.


We’re building a single system that brings everything together.

It’s true. While everyone’s talking about things like consolidation and integration, we’re actually doing it.

Communicating better

Breaking down silos that fragment communications and get in the way of real understanding – real progress.

Making data more useful

Letting data lead the way, moving beyond transactional communications toward a coordinated episodic approach that builds patient histories and makes important pieces like EOBs more accurate and useful.

Delivering faster payments

Making it easier for providers to receive payments on their terms.

Our end-to-end communication system is bringing the healthcare community together. And it’s only going to get better.

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