Our VisionWe have a vision for better healthcare communication.

We are RedCard.

And we think it’s time to bring everyone together. We think it’s time for a healthcare communication community.

Why a community?

Up and down the healthcare industry, there are missed opportunities for true clarity and real change.

The false promises of so-called integration and advanced technology have led us to fragmented channels that confuse and confound, rather than inform.

Yesterday, everyone in the healthcare continuum worked separately.

Health Plan
Pharmacy Benefit Manager
Third-Party Administrator
Medical Manager

Everything was its own transaction.

Payers, providers, PBMs and medical management were in their own separate worlds – yet all working toward the same goal: helping patients.

Patient histories lost
Confusion ruled the day
Conflicting EOBs and bills
Members deluged in mail

Today we’re bringing everyone together.

Here at RedCard, we’re leading the change. We’re building the foundation that will let all of these systems talk to each other.

Building coordination and collaboration across the chain. Bringing back trust and security.

Most importantly, we’re moving patients to the center, making information more accessible, accurate and actionable. And the best part is? we’re just getting started.

Today, as we unlock the power of data, we’re:

  • Consolidating and organizing communications
  • Harnessing electronic delivery
  • Accelerating provider payments
  • Integrating third-party content
  • Building patient histories

Tomorrow will be even better.

Data will flow securely. And patients will have one trustworthy source for their important health information – and their true financial responsibilities.

Our vision is to deliver:

  • True episodic communications
  • Electronic provider and patient payments
  • Patient histories that spark impactful interventions
  • Meaningful data that improve understanding
True episodic communications Patient histories that spark impactful interventions Meaningful data that improve understanding Electronic provider and patient payments

Let’s build this community, together.

Ready to join us on the journey?

We are RedCard. And we’d love for you to be, too.

Be a part of our communication community.

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