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We are RedCard.

Are you?

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If you’re ready for something different, if you’re ready for a change, you’ll feel right at home here.

Let’s be honest. You’re not looking for any old tech job. You’re (rightfully) wary of companies that promise you the chance to change the world.

What you want (and yes, we’re making some assumptions here) is to work with an amazing, talented team. You’re itching to build some pretty incredible tools and applications that will transform the way healthcare communications work. And let’s not fool anyone, you’d like to be rewarded for your talents – maybe with more than a paycheck.

Yeah, we thought so. Welcome to RedCard. Welcome home.


Talk about good work.

If you talk to anyone about working here (and we do encourage you to do so – we don’t have anything to hide), you’ll learn something right away. We’re a bold, creative, team that’s always challenging what’s expected in healthcare. Yeah, we get it. That’s what everyone says. But there’s truly something special here, that makes people proud to say,
“We are RedCard”!

The progressive attitude towards teamwork here at RedCard is nonparallel. At every level there is an openness to supporting excellence through technology along with the availability of a variety of wellness amenities.

Life at RedCard is never dull. Every day is different and full of new challenges and it is great feeling when we can exceed the clients expectations or solve a problem that makes their lives easier.

I love working at RedCard. The sheer amount of brilliance that I get to be around every day is exciting. The passion and energy is felt among all employees, and it shows. It is a company that truly cares, and I am privileged to say I am a part of the team!


Job fairs.

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There are no job fairs at this time.